Why work for Marketing Vitals? We think it's pretty simple really.

Why work for Marketing Vitals? We think it’s pretty simple, really. We put our clients and our employees first, and our track record proves it. In 2016, we were voted one of Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our employees get the most satisfaction from their work. And in our eyes, that usually happens when our clients are satisfied.

Great employees equal happy clients, and happy clients make for a great work environment. At Marketing Vitals, we believe that it’s all connected—one doesn’t come without the other.

So how do we do it? Part of our success comes from bucking the current trend of outsourcing every piece of IT possible. So many businesses are looking for the cheapest option, and then outsourcing everything. Does it save some money? Sure. Is it the best way to run a business? Not the way we see it.

Instead, we take a look at what makes sense for us and for our clients, and where we can provide the most benefit with our full-time staff of senior developers. Sometimes keeping everyone together and working on-site may not be the cheapest option, but we feel that it’s what helps us serve our clients best.

And we don’t just hire our employees and then drop the act. We mean everything we’ve said about culture, work ethic, and employee satisfaction. In addition to hiring the best talent around, we also work hard to keep them happy and productive. We offer excellent employee benefits, and perks like a company workout room. Every afternoon we try to fit in a workout together because we know that the best ideas and work come from a collaborative effort—the best minds working on the most difficult problems will provide the most exciting solutions.

So if you value cohesive teamwork over piecemeal approaches, in-house creativity over IT outsourcing, and great benefits packages over wimpy plans (who doesn’t?), then you might just be the candidate we’re looking for.

Considering a career with Marketing Vitals? We’d love to hear from you.

Now Hiring

Business Intelligence Developer

Education: MSCS/CA+2 or BSCS/CA+5

Exp. to include: C#/.NET, SQL Server, SSAS, OLAP Cubes and MDX Queries.

Job Loc: Plano, Texas.

Send resume to:

APIS Business Intelligence, LLC.
5055 W Park Blvd, Suite 550
Plano, Texas 75093

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