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With Marketing Vitals, your restaurant can harness the power of data analytics and gain valuable insights into your customers and business. Built specifically for restaurants, our software collects and analyzes your data, providing actionable information for moving forward.

The amount of data that one restaurant can generate in a single night is probably much greater than you might imagine. In a month? The data is staggering. Now think how much you could do if there was a way to capture and analyze all of that data. Many software companies offer these kinds of tools, but they’re non-specific, and require difficult and time-consuming customization to use in your restaurant.

That’s why we created Marketing Vitals. Our software is built specifically for restaurants, meaning it’s fast and easy to use. Running a restaurant means putting in hours upon hours, and you don’t need software that requires more from you than you get out of it. At Marketing Vitals, we believe that we’ve found the perfect solution. Here’s how you stand to benefit.

Our system learns your business. This isn’t a one-size fits all operation. You’ll get feedback on how your business is affected by new pricing, holidays, special events, competitor openings, marketing efforts, and even weather events. We do it by harnessing the power of big data, gathering all of your data sources—POS data, coupon and loyalty programs, reservations, prices—and using it to figure out exactly what drives your business, and how you can act to increase it.

It can be tough to decide on a price increase when you know that your livelihood is depending on the success of your business, but sometimes it simply has to happen. How do you know the right price point to move to? Are you guessing, or using trial and error? If so, then you stand to reap huge benefits from using our system. Using our segmented and predictive data, we can generate suggestions for price increases that will help get your revenue where it needs to be without alienating price-conscious guests.

With Marketing Vitals, you’ll also be able to see the value that your seasonal events or marketing campaigns bring to your restaurant. You’ll be informed on how each campaign or event affects different KPIs, and identify any menu items being cannibalized. If you’re experimenting with a new marketing campaign, or want to try a new seasonal event, it’s best if you can see exactly how well they worked, and what might need tweaking. Our system precisely measures your marketing efforts, so you can be certain whether they’re having the desired effect.

And all of this data comes to you in a user-friendly manner. It’s not pages of reports with insights buried deep in paragraphs. We show you data in the most impactful ways possible—with graphs, charts, and straightforward insights.

So if you’re looking for software that’s built around your restaurant and will get results, then your search is over. Contact us today and we’ll show you how the power of data analytics can help your restaurant thrive.

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