National or Global Restaurant Franchise

With Marketing Vitals, your restaurant can harness the power of data analytics and gain valuable insights into your customers and business. Built specifically for restaurants, our software collects and analyzes your data, providing actionable information for moving forward.

A national or global restaurant franchise will have a lot of issues that a stand-alone, local restaurant may not, but at their heart the mission is the same—to provide great service to guests and thrive in a challenging environment.

And data analytics from Vital Marketing can help your franchise do just that. A nationwide system of restaurants generates vast amounts of data, and it’s time that your franchise began using that data effectively. While other software systems may work for general business operations—and require massive customization to be effectively used in restaurants—our software is built specifically for restaurants.

The difference is in the time put in, and the results obtained. Our software works with your business, simply and easily providing meaningful insights into your franchise and its customers.

How do we do it? Using the power of big data, our analytics can track and measure every part of your business—and provide actionable insights from those measurements.

Take guest tracking, for example. Using multiple data sources, we’ll find out what your guest frequency is, what the drivers behind that frequency are, and exactly how much of your business is actually driven by frequency.

But it’s not just your customers’ frequency that we can track. We can also keep you connected to their preferences when it comes to prices and your menu. We look at 60 different data points that include popularity, frequency, and profitability, and from them we can give you a better idea of how to position your menu. When you’re considering price increases, our segmented data lets us generate price increase suggestions that will minimize the overall impact on your guests. You’ll know precisely how much you can raise prices before business takes a hit.

And it’s that precision that we believe is the most helpful to restaurant franchises. You aren’t getting a vague overview of your menu or last marketing campaign. You’re getting specific information and insights that you can actually use.

Are you planning a new marketing campaign? Our system will help you simplify the way you evaluate your campaigns and the KPIs that they affect. With predictive analytics, you don’t have to be reactive in your decision-making. Our business intelligence platform puts all the tools in your hands that you need to develop and execute a great strategy.

You’ll get the results you want quickly and without eye-watering pages of reports. Instead, you’ll have access to impactful insights in the form of charts, graphs, and intelligent summaries.

So spend less time worrying about your next move, and more time connecting with guests and providing great service. Call today if you’d like to hear more about how the power of analytics can help your restaurant franchise.

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