Business Consultant or A Restaurant Industry Partner

Software from Marketing Vitals is an essential tool for consultants and partners. It provides a game-changing system that gives consultants an edge over the competition and helps create a trail of satisfied customers.

When consultants and partners first begin talks with a new client, it’s important that they can distinguish themselves, get ahead of the pack, and help those clients understand why their services are so necessary.

When you speak with restaurant owners, your expertise and reputation are on the line. What are you bringing to the table that will truly be a game-changer for them? If you’re using software from Marketing Vitals, you now have a truly invaluable asset on your side. The powerful data analytics behind our system allow you to provide clients with data on everything from their customer frequency to which ingredients are most popular—and when.

You’ll be able to show them specific insights into their business, their marketing efforts, and their guests. What drives guest frequency? How big a part of their business is frequency, anyway? How should they position their menu to get the greatest effect? These are all questions you can help your clients answer with our system.

The secret is in our powerful data analytics—we collect and analyze data from a multitude of areas across the restaurant’s business, and we use that data to provide actionable insights for their business. We can provide specific insights on new marketing efforts, seasonal promotions, or even the best price points to keep menu items at. It’s all made available by harnessing the power of data generated by restaurants and their guests.

And your clients will certainly appreciate that the software you offer is built specifically for restaurants, instead of a general business system that requires customization on their part. With Marketing Vitals, you can get started quickly, providing those valuable insights for your customers without a long waiting period while you figure out how to make the software work for them.

Even the insights themselves are easier to understand and manage. No endless scrolling through pages—just simple insights and informative charts and graphs. You don’t want to take up more of your client’s time than you have to, but you also want them to know that you’re providing a top-notch, valuable service. And with our system, you get both.

This is the tool you’ve been waiting for—the software that allows you to analyze business patterns and provide meaningful, actionable steps that boost ROI. This is what sets you apart from the competition and complements your expertise perfectly. There’s nothing standing between you and the best tool out there for restaurant consultants and partners, so call us today and let’s get started.


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