Four Stage Learning Cycle


Go beyond your gut instinct to get competitive, data-driven, user-friendly insights and analytics into your marketing efforts, your customer behavior, and your team’s performance.


Using data from prior years, clearly and accurately foresee how changes you make to your marketing, menu items, pricing, and promotions will impact your sales and brand.


Implement data-driven recommendations based on past guest behavior patterns to unleash your sales potential through increased customer frequency, spend and overall brand performance.


By integrating each of your transactional data-silos into a single user-friendly solution, Marketing Vitals’ advanced insights and analytics provide you a roadmap to higher earnings.

Target Opportunities

Stop a negative trend in its tracks or use projections to amplify what’s working. Using Bullseye, you can see patterns in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across a year, period, week, or by specified days. Easily detect a problem with our variance threshold color scheme and quickly identify opportunities such as peak traffic times, revenue centers or menu categories to hit your business goals.

Get Ahead of Your Customer Needs


Which marketing efforts are giving you the highest ROI, and which aren’t moving the needle?

Optimize your marketing, understand trends, forecast changes, and outpace your competition.


Which menu items can I afford to drop, replace, or raise prices on without losing loyal or cost-conscious customers?

Data-driven insights hold the answers you need to capitalize on customer behavior.


Which of my team members are top performers in the area of sales, promotional events, and customer retention?

Inspire, motivate, and train your team to deliver amazing service and drive your sales.

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Don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our customers are saying about Marketing Vitals.

  • “Marketing Vitals has shed timely light on information. Armed with this data and in concert with the intuitive nature of the tool we are making profit driven decisions at all levels of the company—from Marketing and Finance, to Operations and Human Resources.”

    Randy Dewitt
    CEO, Front Burner Restaurants

  • “Having data and insights about your guests' purchase behavior makes it so much easier to evaluate campaign performance, menu improvements, and which things really drive repeat and frequent visits. Marketing Vitals gives us those insights quickly and comprehensively to help us make the very best decisions. We no longer need to guess how things work - now we can know.”

    Brian Hipsher

  • “The ability to track specific marketing events from an overall perspective, assessing trends and really ‘drilling down’ to the last detail with specific guest loyalty information as well as assessing if the event drove in new guest trial helps us measure success like never before.”

    Kristen Hough
    Marketing Manager

  • “We don’t guess anymore; gone are the days of ‘I think X,’ or ‘my gut is telling me Y.’  Now we know, in more detail, and quicker than ever before, exactly what is happening in our business so we can make informed decisions.”

    Brian Hipsher
    VP of Marketing

  • “The information that Marketing Vitals provided when we made strategic decisions regarding our price increase was both eye opening and educational. It changed my entire perspective and has proven to be effective in achieving our profitability goals while retaining our loyal customers.”

    Fred Phillips
    Director of Operations

  • “As a small but growing company, having access to this information is critical. By leveraging their platform to provide on-demand analytics to fulfill a variety of needs/uses within every department, we are able to better support our Franchisees and make informed and strategic decisions to drive the business forward.”

    Katie Borger
    Senior Director of Marketing

  • “The data we can now access through Marketing Vitals has fundamentally changed the way we market.  The visualization of POS data in Marketing Vitals makes it possible for us to understand not just sales and redemption of specific specials, but the total value of these transactions.”

    Jon Rice
    Interim CMO

  • “Marketing Vitals is the most powerful tool I have ever worked with for understanding the behavior and performance of our business, our coworkers and our guests.”

    Phil Crowley
    Vice President & CFO

  • “I have come to rely solely on Marketing Vitals for price sensitivity, profit tracking and team member productivity. It used to take me hours and hours to compile data from different sources to get the information needed to take the right action, and now it is all in one place!”

    Meghan Vincent
    Marketing Director

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